Concrete drive and walkways are very strong and tough but mold and algae is tougher.  That black and green scum you see growing on top of your concrete surfaces is slowly breaking it down.  The acidic wastes from these tiny organisms will dissolve anything given enough time.  It may take years but it will happen.  In the short term the surface layers of your concrete will weaken and the aggregate will start to show through.  At the very least it’s unsightly and unhealthy to have around your home.

High pressure cleaning will remove a majority of surface mold and dirt but that’s it.  Our system is a combination of soft wash and conventional methods to get the very best results.  It deep cleans into the pours killing contaminants that pressure cleaning alone misses.  It also removes all tannin stains from leaves, pine straw, pods, berries etc.  Pressure cleaning alone does not.  Our process is better and lasts much longer saving on costly re-cleaning.

For more delicate areas like brick, pool decks, cool decking etc, we can clean with only the soft wash.  No pressure, no problem.

NOTE:  Oil stains can be treated with degreasing agents to remove the surface oil and improve appearance.  Older stains have seeped into the concrete and will be lighter but con not be completely removed.

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