Your home is infested with organisms that affect the appearance and can lower property value.  These infiltrators are mold and mildew, algae and bacteria.  They will feed on and destroy wood, stucco, painted surfaces, and especially roofing materials.    These organisms are alive and left unseen and unchecked can cause health problems and thousands in property damage.

The Gloeocapsa Magma algae (black streaks) on your roof feed on the limestone embedded in asphalt shingles as filler.  The filament root system, hunger for limestone, acids from its waste and generated heat from roof darkening combine to decompose and break down shingles.  Whether your roof is tile, slate, asphalt shingle or metal, you can expect up to 50% reduction in service life from these infestations.

A clean roof can save from 20-40% on monthly power consumption, looks better, adds to property value and is healthier.  Mold, mildew, fungus and algae are all in the top ten allergens list.  Mold and fungus are known culprits of sick building syndrome.  Moldy areas are one of the top ten environments looked at for Legionnaires disease break outs.

Don’t fall prey to other roof cleaning contractors that claim low pressure cleaning…all systems are NOT the same.  Roof manufacturers will void the warranty of your shingles if they have been cleaned with any pressure exceeding 200psi.  The soft wash process is approved by shingle manufacturers and has successfully cleaned over 50 thousand roofs across the country with no problems.  Our system is so effective that we provide a 5 year transferable limited warrantee on all residential (full) roof treatments against re-growth.  Our soft wash process will guarantee a 100% kill ratio of all mold, mildew, algae and other organic contaminants down to the roots. 
Conventional (pressure) methods simply strip off the tops of the algae blooms, the roots are still within the surface you are cleaning.  Power washing blasts the spores deeper into the surface and spreads them to other areas.
Don’t replace it.   Clean it!

NOTE:  Insurance companies are becoming wise to the liabilities of a moldy roofs and sidings and the damage it causes.  They are threatening cancelation or non renewal of property insurances if not treated properly.
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